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It's technically called "Structural Integration"

The work I do is based on the revolutionary work of biochemist Ida Rolf, PhD.

Dr. Rolf was a pioneer in the study of the Fascial Matrix and the complex role it plays in our body.

Before her work, everyone assumed fascia was just the "white stuff that covers the good stuff" (think of a chicken breast - that sticky white stuff you need to cut away to get to the meat).

She discovered that instead of being walking skeletons with individual muscles acting as levers to make them move (our standard model), we are in fact more like a 3-D spider web filled with olive oil that happens to have bones, muscles, and organs floating in and through it.

Everything begins and ends with the health, vitality, mobility, viscosity, and happiness of the FASCIA. Bones and muscles are just along for the ride! 

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A Different Starting Point

By looking at the body in this new way, I approach problems differently than the standard "symptom chasing" model.

Deep and disperse fascial adhesions, twists, and compressions throughout the body build on one another to create what I call "conditions for injury."

Your Rotator Cuff didn't tear itself, nor did your Sciatic Nerve get compressed for fun. They are victims of imbalances elsewhere and everywhere. 


And just like we pull on far away corners to smooth a crumpled bedsheet, we need to pull on far away fascial imbalances which are the root causes of pain, injury, tension, and undo physical weariness. 

The "Magic 10"

After 30+ years of trial & error, Dr. Rolf settled on a Series of 10 sessions that build upon one another to break down old, unhealthy fascial patterns and put back new, healthy, generative pathways.


The whole structure gets rebuilt - or INTEGRATED - so it can move as it was meant to before injury, poor postural habits, and life took its toll. 

Receiving a 10-series is the ultimate expression of this bodywork.

It goes beyond simply easing pain, improving posture, or increasing range of motion: it completely alters the way you live in and interact with your body.

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On my YouTube channel you can see all 10 sessions in hyperlapse and chats with the client as she discusses the changes in her body throughout the 10 sessions:

This video discusses whether or not you need all 10:

Working together to reach your goals.
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Don't fret if the "Magic 10" doesn't feel right to you. 

You will immediately feel the difference and gain enormous benefits from individual and occasional sessions.

We will work together to devise a therapy plan that fits your goals and needs.

Schedule your session today to feel lighter, stronger, more open, healthier, and more at ease in your body!

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