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What is SI?
Thrive Bodywork is different

The standard bone/muscle model of viewing the body is incomplete.

We are so much more than just a series of pulleys and levers.

Anatomy Drawing
the Fascial Matrix
Fascial matrix
Everything is more connected
than you think.

We are, in fact, more like a 3-D spider web (called the fascial matrix) that is filled with a gel-like substance (connective tissue) in which our bones, muscle fibers, and organs are suspended - like flies caught in a web.


Injuries, Chronic Pain, Stress, Fatigue all begin in the FASCIA. 

Pain is a symptom
Pain is a symptom of a problem somewhere else.

Just like you wouldn't press down on just one wrinkle in these sheets to make this bed, you shouldn't press on (traditional Massage Therapy), snap (Chiropractic), or strengthen (Physical Therapy) just one joint or muscle group to heal the body.


By latching onto, pulling apart, and reorganizing the entire fascial matrix we literally put your bones and muscles back where they belong so they can work the way they were meant to - freely, painlessly, and with ease.

two wrinkle pillow on bed in black and w
the Results
Dancer in Sunset
Indescribable differences. 
  • Increased ranges of motion

  • More graceful, harmonized movement

  • Literally breathe easier

  • Feel lighter, taller, and more free

  • Find neutral posture with ease

  • Increased energy

  • Enhanced physical performance

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Who will benefit?


Back Massage
Chronic Pain

Those who have tried everything.

Pain is a symptom of a problem somewhere else.


By looking at the body in this new way, we approach your pain differently than the standard "symptom chasing" model.


We get underneath the symptom and solve the


Workout Shoes

Professional, Amateur, or "eh, when I feel like it."

If you move, this work is for you!

See your performance soar while your injuries diminish, your energy increases, and stress - mental & physical - literally gets pulled away.

You will be astonished at how much easy (and fun!) movement becomes.

X-Ray Results

Get to the source of


Injury doesn't happen in a vacuum.

Truly heal by not just focusing on the site of pain, but the underlying conditions that made that area ripe for injury.

Ignoring the fascial matrix is why "nothing else" has worked for you.

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