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So, WTF is This Thing You Do?

Structural Integration (sometimes known as "Rolfing") is a super cool bodywork technique that latches onto and manipulates your Fascial Matrix (the 3-dimensional spider web in which your bones & muscle fibers are suspended) to literally pull pain, tension, and injury out of your body and realign your skeleton and muscles so they can work the way they were meant to before life happened!


Honestly - just watch the video! :-)

Overview of First 3 Sessions

Since we started hyperlapsing Hilary's sessions at #4 I do a brief overview of what to expect when you're on the table for the first three Structural Integration sessions. 

Why "Myofascial Massage" makes me
roll my eyes

"Oh, my person does Myofascial Massage...?"


NO. THEY. DON'T! They <think> they do, but I promise they don't. Okay...ugh...okay...the problem is - like everything with Structural Integration - understanding why is not a simple answer; it requires a bunch of background and context. But in this video I've tried to explain the unexplainable.

Honestly, just trust the friend who told you about me and come experience the living-in-your-body-changing experience that is getting true fascial work done for the first time. 

Move Better/The Whole Point of My Work

Ooph - this one is a doozy! Basically everything - EVERYTHING - comes down to neutralizing the pelvis. But WTF does that mean, WHY? and HOW? In this video I attempt to answer those questions and help you better live in your body productively and with way less pain!


I apologize for the planes going overhead in the background - I had my windows open while filming and I'm entirely too lazy to reshoot. But the information I give is no less valid. :-)

Head, Neck & Shoulder Tension BE GONE!

Understanding the functional anatomy is best way to ease your head, neck, jaw, & shoulder pain and tension.


Watch this video if you've ever experienced: Headaches, Neck Pain/Tension, Jaw Clenching/Tension, Shoulder or Upper Back Pain/Tension...Basically if you are a human person alive in the world you will benefit from this information.

The entire 7th Session is dedicated to organizing your head & neck so the ball rolls in the bowl naturally (and painlessly!).

What is an "Integrated/Aligned Body?"

If you watch no other videos, please watch this one! In it I give you a quick functional anatomy lesson and show you what it means to be "aligned" or "integrated."


I also demonstrate how mal-alignment is the underlying PROBLEM to your pain and injuries (ahem, why "nothing else" has worked).

Notes from an Actual Client!

In this video we introduce Hilary, a client who had already done the first three of 10 Structural Integration sessions and had decided to continue on to all 10 (cuz it's amazing!).


In the video she discusses what changes she's already noticed in her body and why she decided to continue with the tortur...I mean therapy.


After her chat we show the 4th hour in hyperlapse so you can see exactly what each session looks like. Please note, the video is deceptive - it may not look like I'm doing much, but boy 'o boy does it feel like I'm doing a LOT - because I am! 

CLICK HERE to see ALL Hilary's session videos!

What Even IS "Good Posture"

I made this video because I get SOOOO tired of seeing people get VERY HURT and live with so much UNNECESSARY chronic pain because we are told to "sit up straight" but are never actually told HOW TO DO THAT correctly!!!


Tangents include: how to actually engage your glutes, origins of jaw tension, the WHYs of SI joint dysfunction, and like a million other random things. Enjoy!!

Squeeze the Sponge

In this video I explain what I call "Squeezing the Sponge" and how it is the missing piece to increasing flexibility and strength in your body!

Feet, Feet Baby...

In this video I discuss foot & ankle anatomy and the vital role proper alignment plays in your pain and mobility from toe to head.

SPOILER ALERT: You are worried about the WRONG ARCH! 

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