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What folks have to say:

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10 Series Completed

Emily H.

"Completing the 10 structural integration sessions with Nikki made a profound improvement on how I live in my body. My joints move with more ease and wider range, finding good sitting and standing posture comes naturally and I feel more connected to how I move. My feet feel firmly on the ground and I am standing taller.

All this was surprising because I didn’t feel particularly awkward in my body before. I’m 43, practice yoga, run, cycle and walk my dog daily. My body felt pretty good. The odd niggle or strain I chalked up to middle age. But after every session I was gobsmacked at the capacity my body gained and amazed at how limited it was before. Like when she finished working on my left shoulder, it felt fuller, more flexible and properly in the joint. By comparison, the right felt tight, weak and jammed up into the joint. I had no idea.

I have bad posture habits and I used to try to snap out of it by cramming my spine straight and sticking out my chest. Now, my body is easy in a neutral position and there is no cramming involved (quite the opposite).

The sessions weren’t easy but Nikki helped me through them. Get spa day ideas right out of your head. This is serious work that will test your relationship with pain, but thankfully you will finish the sessions with a lightness in your body. I liked that it was a finite series of sessions rather than endless intervals of work without real change.

Put your faith in Nikki. She knows her stuff, has a fertile mind and the heart and soul of a healer. Structural integration in her hands is a powerful combo for which I am deeply thankful."

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Individual sessions

Melissa G.

"I've been going to Nikki for a couple years now and each session is an out of body experience!  Nikki goes above and beyond to find and attack any tightness or restrictions she finds.  


I've had several sports related injuries that she has helped me recover from through her very individualized therapy. I've been to several massage therapists over the years and I have to say that Nikki's method's and personalized body work are on a different level from others.


I own a local CrossFit gym and recommend her to all of my athletes.  My only fear is that one day I'll have sent so many people her way that there won't be a slot available for me! :-)" 

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